by Andy Appleton

I’ve updated the site design. I’ve gone for something simpler and have tried to put more focus on the blog in the hope that it will encourage me to post more regularly.

I won’t go into too much detail as I know it’s pretty dull hearing people bang on about their own work, but here’s a brief overview of what’s new.


This is a cleaner, simpler evolution of the previous design. Proxima Nova Condensed from Typekit is used throughout and the site should scale up and down nicely thanks to a custom icon font and SVG logos.

Back end

I’ve dropped Wordpress in favour of Jekyll. Jekyll is a static blog generator which means that I get to write posts as markdown formatted plain text and publish the site as flat HTML.

This is awesome for page load performance because it means zero back end processing. It is awesome for me as it means I get to keep the entire site (posts and all) in Git.

To do

Since the site is entirely static I have no means of gathering comments. I have still not decided how I want to address this but most likely I’ll either go to a Disqus / Livefyre embed or just drop comments completely.

Update: I’ve archived the old design at