An Introduction

by Andy Appleton

My name is Andrew Appleton and I spend my days working as a Mechanical Engineer. I have started this site because I am passionate about web design and want to be able to work on small scale client projects during the weekend and evenings.

I suppose you could call this a side project for me – something I am doing for the love of it rather than being driven by any sort of financial need. I hope to be able to bring that love to my designs and to produce carefully crafted work which people will be proud of.

This little project has been in the works since last August. I have been working on it when I can, and it has been through five full redesigns before it was even launched. I hope the design of this site reflects my preference for a well structured layout which relies on strong typography and information hierachy rather than loud imagery or flashy gimmicks.

I plan to update the notebook section exactly as often as I feel I need to – it will serve as an outlet for my thoughts on web design and as a record of the small tips, tricks and hints which I may pick up along the way. This is as much for my own benefit as for that of anyone reading, but obviously if anyone finds it interesting I would be delighted!

I had been running a little blog – and I have imported a few posts from there to get the ball rolling.

I will also post links which I find useful, interesting or amusing – again this is as much as a personal record as it is for anyone to follow, but feel free to subscribe and keep up with what I’m looking at!

If all of this paints me as the kind of chap you would like to work with then please drop me a line. I am currently accepting new work and would love to help you build something wonderful!